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Saronda Gray

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Hello there, my name is Saronda Gray, and I am a financial coach with several years experience facilitating healthier relationships between clients and their money.

I have a background in collegiate-level financial aid, working as a financial aid counselor in one of the most prominent universities in Pennsylvania.

Currently, I am seated on the Executive Board for The Tearte Scholarship, as well as a scholarship essay reader and grader for The Gates Scholarship.

I look forward to walking with you on your financial journey!

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1:1 Financial Coaching

Experience personalized one-on-one coaching sessions that blend emotional exploration with practical financial guidance. Uncover the emotional drivers behind your financial patterns, heal money-related wounds, and gain the tools to make empowered financial decisions. With compassionate support and tailored strategies, transform your relationship with money and achieve lasting financial well-being. Schedule your one-on-one emotional financial coaching session today

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Feelings And Figures Course

Join our transformative course to develop a healthy relationship with money. Explore practical strategies and emotional insights to overcome barriers, heal wounds, and cultivate abundance. With expert guidance, engaging exercises, and a supportive community, create lasting positive change in your financial life. Take control of your emotions today!

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Gain full access to all of our financial resources including: e-Books, podcasts, worksheets, journals, and much more. Once you join our community you will be tethered to others like you looking to create a safe emotional space for your feelings and finances.

You deserve peace of mind and a full wallet.

My mission is to bring emotion and finances together for your well-being so you can live the way you've always imagined: secure and abundant.


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Only the best care for my clients

"Working with Saronda has been a game-changer for me. She helped me uncover deep-rooted emotional issues surrounding money that I didn't even realize were holding me back. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to break free from emotional barriers and achieve financial well-being."

Sarah H.

"I can't express enough gratitude for Saronda. Her expertise and empathy created a safe space for me to address my fears and anxieties related to money. She provided me with practical strategies to manage my emotions and make sound financial decisions. Working with Saronda has been a life-changing experience, and I wholeheartedly endorse her coaching services."

Mark T.

"I was stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage and financial stress until I found Saronda. She helped me dig deep into the emotional aspects of my financial challenges and provided me with personalized guidance and support. Through her coaching, I gained a newfound sense of clarity and self-awareness. I've made significant progress in breaking free from old patterns and building a solid foundation for my financial success. Saronda's expertise and compassionate approach have made all the difference in my journey toward emotional and financial well-being."

Jennifer M.



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How long does each consultation take?

Our initial consultation should take about 15-minutes. This free interaction provides me time to fully introduce myself and services that I provide. You can then of course ask some follow-up questions about my coaching style, pricing and etc. At the end of this consultation, you should feel confident to decide whether you would like to book a full-length call and begin your financial journey with me as your coach.

Do you have monthly subscriptions?

My packages range based on my clients needs. Typically, I would prefer to work with each client a minimum of 3-moths. This allows adequate time to develop new habits and notice the positive results. Please see the 'Packages' page for more details.

What are your payment options?

Clients may make payments through my website. All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted.

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